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El Wanderer returns to treat some others with joy!

At this very moment, our beloved bus is being used as a ski shuttle trolley to transport skiers and riders to and from Mt. Baker.  Apparently this is the site to go to for minor info : .

A sweet girl named Anne contacted us with assurance that El Wanderer is being treated well and that the bus is still truckin’. She is a volunteer for the Surfrider Foundation, and is part of a program called Northwest Straits. Here is the website : .

Thank you Anne.

We have received no pictures yet, but as soon as we do you bet they will be up here. Keep checkin in.

-The Boys in the Bus


KELSOOO if you are out there with our bus try and make a post and tell us what you are up to! Hope all is well..keep chasing the dream

Treat El Wanderer well

And Here They Are…

The awaited pictures and videoss …enjoy!

untitled-032.jpg            untitled-101.jpg

Hello Hello

HELLLLLLLO EVERYONEEE …if you’re still checking up on the site regularly I am very sorry for the lack of activity. Since we’ve been home we have had a lot going on and haven’t had a time to sit down and tackle the finals licks of our trip. At the moment I am school up in Oneonta, New York; so between dodging classes and doing work I haven’t found the perfect time to post new pictures and videos. But today i found a break in my schedule where I will make it my duty to post whatever needs to be put up so that you guys can enjoy it.

I get back from classes around 6:50…so around 7:30ish be sure to check back to see all that we experienced in the last 2 weeks of or trip when we were incommunicado. Thanks for being patient, and we’ll see you at 7:30

Friends, Family, and Followers.

Hey all,

Last night Brian and I were greeted at the airport with the loving and open arms of our family and friends. Upon arrival, I was having mixed feelings about being home. I thought of all the wonderful sights, smells, people and experiences that I missed in the magical place of Baja. However, the sight of smiling loved ones eased my ambiguous feelings and warmed my heart. To everyone that showed up last night, Brian and I appreciate it greatly and I cannot thank you enough. We are truly lucky individuals to have family and friends like you.

To all that have stuck with us through this journey…

Your comments, concerns, and encouragement brought smiles to our faces. We greatly appreciate all of you sticking with us, even when we kind of went M.I.A. at Punta Conejo for a while. Now that we are home please do not stop checking the site as we have a bunch of things to post. Thank you all once again.

Stay stoked and smile always…

B and Ant

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