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Under the hood

Whats the word everyone!

So today we took a trip to Pep-Boys. The main objective was to replace the air filter and pour in some anti-freeze (since we lost most of ours when the bus backfired…twice) Not knowing much about cars we asked what size air filter and breathing mechanism was needed. After we got our necessities we took a stroll around the store…This place was a toy store for cars and we could have easily purchased much more. Not wanting to spend all of our money, we bought our air filter and anti-freeze along with a white shag/fake-sheepskin seat and steering wheel cover that added style and comfort to our soon to be home on wheels. We replaced the air filter and put in the anti-freeze. Because the bus is over twenty years old, there are still a lot more quirks that need to be fixed. However, El Wanderer does sound better and is running a bit cleaner, which is an extreme relief.

2 Responses to “Under the hood”

  1. on 09 Jan 2007 at 1:26 pmMan

    guys–take this thing to a mechanic! seriously…you don’t want to have it break down in baja.

  2. on 09 Jan 2007 at 3:46 pmAnt

    Haha. I know! The plan is to work on whatever we can ourselves here. Then after the winter months pass take the bus to a mechanic for a full tune-up. We figure it would be better to have everything worked on right before our departing date rather than get it done now and have the bus sit around all winter

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